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Service commitment

The company has developed a comprehensive service management system. Timely response, high efficiency proposal and professional service are strictly required once upon any customers' feedback. Meanwhile, the company is always willing to offer the overall fender design, installation, usage and maintenance consultation or training. Ensuring all services during pre-sale, sale and after sale are timely, efficient, professional and attentive. Those principles applie to all customers.


The company always focus on maitaining a close relationship with all customers. Each marketing chains is actively cooperated to provide free technical consulltation at any time (including the site inspection), and to solve problems and fulfill customers' requirements.


The company shall be responsible for product repair, replacement, or return and provide long-term wearing parts during warranty period. After the warranty expires, if any damaged products require replacement, we shall arrive at the site in the shortest possible time if necessary and try our best to delivery the replaced products in the shortest time.


The company can also provide technical support of installation and usgae proposals on site if necessary.


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